KENORA IS THE LIFESTYLE BRAND WITHIN KENORA MANAGEMENT GROUP. Which likely needs a little explaining. You see, our vision was to take all that fresh, rugged, bright goodness that was right outside our cottage door and apply it to everything we do. (even our logo is shaped like a canoe). For us, Kenora and Lake of the Woods is a place for blue sky thinking, finding our north and focusing on the relevant. We couldn’t write a better business ethos than that! We also thought we were in pretty good company since back in 1836 Canada’s largest and biggest retailer, The Hudson Bay company opened its first post in this exact picturesque community. (That retail gene might be in the water?)

WHEN IT CAME RIGHT DOWN TO IT, WE SAW OURSELVES AS OUTFITTERS. It suited us to be always ready for a new adventure and we knew we had something to offer the event organizers who were looking for solid revenue generation through innovative merchandise programs. Collaborating with the world's leading brands and artists, we have for the last 25 years outfitted diverse events including the Olympics. Providing sound, strategic and successful retail operations focused on the client have been the cornerstone of our success. Our ability to custom manufacture in Canada, the US, overseas or with eco, recycled materials helps to set us apart.

LIKE ALL GREAT ADVENTURES, OURS HAS HAD TWISTS AND TURNS AND BROUGHT US INTO SOME OF THE GREATEST ORGANIZATIONS AND EVENTS ON THE PLANET. Our global reach and network is strong and well respected. We have charted our journey for you and what you might notice is that 80% of our business comes from nonprofit entities. That’s a testament to the fact that Kenora is wired differently - doing well by doing good means the world to us. There is a unique culture and community to every nonprofit and we have embraced everyone we have worked with! We care deeply about the quality of our work , the strength of our relationships and the value we can add to your organization. And that’s about as clear as the water that laps up to our door.


Official Merchandise & Volunteer Uniform Supplier to Curling Canada